Yoga Offers

Mind, Body & Soul

In the fast-paced world, becoming mindful of the relationship between our physical, emotional and spiritual health is essential for overall well-being. Our Body & Mind classes will not only assist you with developing strength, flexibility, and balance, but also reduce your level of stress, enhance your mental awareness, and help you find inner peace.

V Integrated Wellness offers a wide range of holistic and integrated yoga practices to suit individual needs. Our yoga master will discuss your needs with you and create an individually tailored lesson according to your constitution and requirements. These classes will not only assist you to develop strength, flexibility, and balance, but also reduce stress by enhancing your mental awareness and help you to find inner peace.


Therapeutic Lesson

This involves a specially designed set of yoga postures, pranayamas (breathing exercises) and relaxation techniques, after a brief health assessment. These sessions are designed to promote general well-being and relieve the body & mind from responses caused by physical, emotional or physiological trauma and modern life stress.


Yoga Nidra

Often described as psychic sleep, this is a guided spiritual method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation until you reach a state of deep sleep with your consciousness remaining awake. Functioning at a deeper level of awareness, your mind will open up to deep spiritual insight.

Pranayama (Yogic Art of Breathing)

In ancient Sanskrit this translates as ‘extension of the life force’. The Pranayama technique unfolds around mastering the art of conscious breathing. We often take breathing for granted, without realizing how many levels it affects us on. Each time we inhale we bring life-bearing oxygen into our body, and spark the transformation of nutrients into fuel. Breathing affects our state of mind, making us excited or calm, anxious or relaxed. Breathing is the path that takes a person’s body to the soul.


Mindfulness Meditation

The mind is said to be like a still lake until a thought enters it like a drop of rain. This spiritual meditation technique involves focusing your mind on the present and observing the thoughts, emotions, sensations, and images that arise in the mind, without judging and reacting, the way you watch the passing clouds in the sky. Eventually one experiences a thoughtless state that is the ultimate aim of yoga.

Jala Neti (Nasal Cleansing)

Warm saline water is poured through both nostrils one-by- one followed by cleansing breathes to completely open the respiratory tract and make free flowing breathing. Jala neti removes many types of problems of the eyes, nose, ears, head and throat. After the lesson you will have a Jala neti pot and can practice at home.

Kunjala (Stomach Cleansing)

A technique to remove bile, phlegm and other toxins of the body leading to rejuvenation. Participants consume warm saline water and regurgitate afterward.

Laghoo Sankhaprakshalan (Intestine Cleansing)*

Also referred as the short intestinal wash. This involves drinking several glasses of warm saline water and expelling the water through stool after a series of exercises (asanas). It completely cleanses the GI tract which will lead to rejuvenation.


Complimentary Classes

Enjoy a variety of complimentary group activites conducted on our Stars platform or in the Movement & Spining Studio. A detailed schedule of the daily classes is available in your room and at all V Integrated Wellness outlets

*cleansing techniques to be practiced only on an empty stomach. Participants need a brief consultation prior to booking.

Kindly speak with our Yoga Master for Kundalini Yoga Retreat, and Juice Detox Yoga Retreat.

Personal Training

Our experienced Personal Trainer will evaluate your health and fitness level, set ambitious challenging yet realistic goals, and provide you with knowledge, direction and motivation. Combining specialized workout modalities from functional training through athletic conditioning, and plyometrics, to assisted stretching, he will design a personalized training program that truly meets your needs, helping you to get the most of your time, focus your energy and see results.


The Group Fitness program reflects the VIW holistic approach. To ensure maximum results, we offer a wide variety of classes, encouraging you to integrate into your workout routine physical training modalities along with mindful exercise and relaxation techniques. Conducted in intimate settings with limited number of participants, you will benefit from the stimulating group energy without having to compromise your need for personal attention

For enquiries, please contact V Integrated Wellness to arrange a personal consultation:


Tel: +60 49591088 ext. 582 or 591