Wedding Groups

Planning a wedding can be a hectic affair for both - the bride, groom as well as their families and friends. V Integrated Wellness offers several unique ideas designed to ease stress and relax the entire wedding party. Be it a sophisticated weekend with the girls or a laid-back gathering friends and family, V Integrated Wellness guarantees to add spice to your wedding party.

"Spa Party" at V Botanical Spa

While bridal shower games and outings in clubs have long been popular, today's bride is looking for a sophisticated alternative where she can spend quality time with friends. This package will de-stress and energize the bride-to-be and put her and her friends in the mood for fun! It includes an energizing massage, a mini manicure, a rejuvenating facial and organic elixir cocktails that will leave everyone glowing for the wedding.

"Group Yoga Retreat" at V Fitness

An excellent alternative to a night of bachelorette debauchery. Choose instead to energize everyone in this session that combines yoga, meditation and breathing exercises specially designed by our yoga master to help brides-to-be and families and friends enjoy this momentous occasion. Take it further by booking a session by the beach at sunrise.

"Grooming Party" V Saloon

There is no better way to ensure you and your attendants' look and feel the best on your wedding day. Book a grooming party to make preparing for the ceremony fun. This session includes a hair styling, express manicure and makeup.


There is no better way to thank your hard-working bridesmaids and family than papering them with relaxation session. Show them your appreciation by giving them a gift certificate. Additionally, customised wedding favours such as aromatherapy candles, bath salts, hamper, other spa gifts are also available. For more information, please call the spa manager at ext 591

Note: Requires 2 day advance booking. A minimum number required for group