Spa Management

Spa / Fitness Center Management

V Integrated Wellness (V), is a multi-award winning sought after premium holistic wellness provider that will add value to any hotel, resort or spa operations. Our team is able to work with capitalizing on the increasing global consumer consciousness on wellness, nutrition and environment, “V” offers investors and hotel owner and operators spa solutions though consultancy or management services though profit sharing business models. 

Our complete turn-key expertise includes: 

Pre-opening management - development of concept, Equipment Supply

Set up solutions - efficient utilisation of space, facility management and fiscal planning. 

Product development -  Developing signature products, menu planning, aligning and customising to locality and brand

Marketing – Feasibility Study, Brand Guides and realistic cost/ revenue projections, website , advertising, media and other support solutions

Spa Audits – Brand and customer satisfaction surveys, submission of awards, accreditation and listing

Human Resource – training and hiring 

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