Macrobiotic Diet

Our food philosophy is based on the principle of "Macrobiotics,” a diet principle that aims to restore health by considering the energetic quality of food. It simply implies that our lives can be lived in harmony with principles that are personally, ecologically and socially more responsible.In whatever form macrobiotics is practiced, it embraces the influence food can have on our health, emotions and spirit. In fact the macrobiotic principles can be applied to the cuisine of any culture. It is a flexible dietary approach to differ according to climate, environment, condition of healthy, sex, age, activity level, and personal needs.

The heart of macrobiotic diet is whole, unprocessed, living foods. These would include a great variety of vegetables, whole grains such as; brown rice, barley, quinoa, oat groats, dried beans including; lentils, chickpeas and aduki beans, fruits, seeds, nuts and naturally fermented foods. It can easily be slightly alkaline forming, high in potassium, low in saturated fats, high in mono-unsaturated oils, low in glycemic index and full of nutrients and vital with living energy.Macrobiotics is so flexible, vegans and vegetarians as well as people who enjoy food combining can adopt it. It can easily be adapted for any food allergy or digestive disorder.

This approach to eating has the following general nutritional characteristics:
V More complex carbohydrates, fewer simple sugars
V More vegetable-quality protein, less animal quality protein
V Less overall fat consumption, more polyunsaturated fat, and less saturated fat
V A balance of various naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
V Use of more organically grown, natural food
V Consumption of food in whole form and less refined or processed food
V Greater consumption of food that are grown locally and eaten in season whenever possible.

Organic Herb Garden - Farm to Table
In Aug 2011, we started our own organic herb garden project on Phase I: 1000 square feet of land beside Block A of North wing. Our aim is to educate our guest(s) and grow herbs that can be used in our V Botanical Spa rainforest indigenous treatments. We are blessed with a year round growing season and our in-house naturalists Selvam and Irshad have a good understanding how to live sustainability on this land. We also use our food waste to make natural compost fertilizer.